About Us

Opera Fine Foods was established to help meet the needs of the hospitality industry by increasing the sales and distribution capabilities of Opera Patisserie’s hand crafted French pastries to the hospitality industry in Southern California.

Elena Garcia, Owner of Opera Fine Foods and Sales Manager of Opera Patisserie, has been assisting Chefs in the hospitality industry since 2013 and knows it is imperative to deliver orders on time and assist Chefs in creating the final impression of their clients’ dining experience.

Opera's traditional French artisanal desserts are the convenient and cost effective way to complement the level of cuisine that our customers provide for their guests.  Our beautiful desserts will arrive frozen to maintain quality and for flexibility of service. 

Opera Fine Foods is committed to delivering your order on time and providing you with excellent customer service.

Please contact us at 760-975-8191 or sales@operafinefoods.com to open an account, to place your order, or if you have questions.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!